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Premium Brand Cannabis Diamond Extracts

βœ“ Best Quality Pure Products Guaranteed

βœ“ Handled in a GP and GMP Standard Facility

βœ“ Free of Pesticides, Heavy Metals, VitE Acetate

βœ“ No PG, PEG, MCT and Pine Resin

βœ“ Using only Food-grade Formulations

βœ“ Customer Approved

βœ“ Lab Tested

THC Diamonds
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Welcome to Buzzed Extracts, take some time and learn about Canada’s most authentic concentrate specialist.
Rooted in the heart of Canadian Cannabis, Buzzed Extracts redefines what quality extracts mean.
Elevate yourself with Buzzed Extracts and allow us to take you to a level where even the sky is not a limit anymore.
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Buzzed is dedicated to showcasing safe, purely concentrated Cannabis products from coast to coast.
The products are developed and tested to the highest level of scrutiny in trusted third-party lab environments.
Produced without excess chemicals and purged of impurities, Buzzed Extracts are free from Vitamin E, Polyethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, MCT, Pine Resin or any other fillers.
Buzzed Extracts takes you beyond your highest expectations.
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