Discover the Delights of THC Advent in Canada!

thc advent

As the holiday season approaches, I am thrilled to introduce you to a unique and exciting way to celebrate in Canada – THC advent calendars! These cannabis-themed calendars have become increasingly popular over the years, bringing the spirit of the holiday season to marijuana enthusiasts. Packed with a variety of celebratory THC products, they offer […]

Where to Buy Cannabis in Canada Online

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Now in its fourth year of legal recreational cannabis, Canada is fast becoming THE DESTINATION for green-minded locals and travellers. That said, given each of the nation’s 13 territories and provinces have their own set of rules (including how marijuana can be consumed and sold), knowing how to navigate Canada’s new cannabis culture means you’ll […]

5 Reasons Why the Quality of Cannabis Matters

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Interactions and experiences with Cannabis tend to be different from one weed user to the next since people have different sweet spots. Some individuals prefer to feel the “high” in their minds, while others prefer the body “high.” Despite the myriad of ways we can all describe a great “high,” one thing stands true for […]

The History of Cannabis Cultivation

cannabis cultivation

Discover how the cannabis plant has been cultivated for thousands of years for medicinal, religious, recreational and commercial uses. Cannabis has been cultivated by humans for millennia. As long ago as 2,800 BC, cannabis was being used to treat a wide variety of ailments and health problems.  It also found its way into the religious […]

How to Maximize Your High With Cannabis Edibles

cannabis edibles

Find out how to maximize your enjoyment of the highs you can get by ingesting cannabis edibles.    For many years, cannabis was a substance that was usually smoked. But the advent of techniques to extract and refine the active ingredients found in the cannabis plant has created a multitude of new ways to consume cannabis. […]

Top Types of Cannabis Concentrates

cannabis concentrates

We’ve all heard of cannabis concentrates and how they’re dominating the marijuana market. Many people have taken a liking to these new methods of consumption of what is a strong, cleaner, and more proactive version of their favourite plant. But what are cannabis concentrates? What are the various types of concentrates? And finally, what are […]

Cannabis Concentrates For Advanced Consumers

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Concentrates are evolving all the time. New ones are constantly popping up left, right, and center. For people who’ve been enjoying concentrates for years, they’re probably looking for the best of the best. They’re no longer amateurs or novice concentrate enthusiasts; they’re the advanced consumers looking for the best benefits, flavor, and type of concentrates.  […]

How to Make THC Diamonds From Shatter

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Before you get excited, we’re not talking about making diamonds that go in rings; we’re talking all about THC diamonds. In recent years THC diamonds have become increasingly popular amongst cannabis lovers.  Without giving it too much thought, you’d possibly think that making THC diamonds is an incredibly complex process. A process using a really […]

The 5 Most Common Types of Cannabis Concentrates

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We all know that concentrates have become significant players in the cannabis scene in recent years. However, despite the hype, many people remain slightly confused about the different types of concentrates out there. We’re going to tell you all about the most common cannabis concentrates on the market, so let’s get into it! Rosin Rosin […]

Top Types of Cannabis Concentrates

cannabis concentrates

In recent years, cannabis concentrates have skyrocketed in popularity. As a result, new and exciting concentrates, flavors, and more are popping up every year to add to a well-rounded collection of products for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy.  We’re going to take a look at some of the types of cannabis concentrates that you should know […]

Does Cannabis Help You Sleep?

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It’s not uncommon for many people to ask the question, ‘does cannabis help induce sleep?’ We’re going to have a look at the different types of cannabis, how various cannabis contents affect your sleep, pros and cons, and best practices. Does Cannabis Help With Sleep? According to ASA, between 50 and 70 million U.S. adults […]