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Vape Refills

Vaping is probably one of the most discrete and dose-specific ways to consume cannabis. Often people purchase refills that do not fit into the vape just right or they do not give a full pull when you use it. Buzzed Extracts refills are going to make things much easier for you. Our refills work for 510 thread vape pens and are highly potent without any harmful additives. The strains are well known throughout the world, including OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Dogwalker OG, Master Kush, Blue Dream, Superglue and many more. You can expect a smooth pull of a potent blend with robust natural plant flavours and cannabinoids such as THC. Whether you are looking to relax or feel energized, a new Buzzed Extracts vape pen refill offers you a high-quality alternative to consuming cannabis, with a high THC cannabinoid level to ensure that you are getting the quality effects you want.