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CO2 Honey Oil

Honey Oil is the non-technical name for Hash Oil, affectionately dubbed ‘Honey’ due to its beautifully rich golden/amber colour that resembles, you guessed it - honey!

Honey Oil made its way into the cannabis scene with the inception of dabbing concentrates, and since then it’s become well known by almost every weed smoker you’ll run into, especially due to its recent explosive popularity in its easy-to-use form of pens and cartridges.

Honey Oil is made with the super scientific process of solvent extraction. And though it sounds like something fancy, rest assured it just means that some solvent (like isopropyl alcohol, or carbon dioxide) is pushed through the cannabis plant matter to strip away the trichomes and other micro-goodies that we all know and love. When the “stripping” process is complete, the solvent is removed leaving nothing but the THC, CBD, CBN, terpenes, and flavonoids behind in a concentrated form.

This concentrated, honey colored substance is wildly popular these days, and for good reason - Honey Oil can have upwards of 80% THC content, compared with cannabis bud that averages 20%. Ultimately this means you need to take fewer hits, and the hits you take are both smooth and pure - making for a strong, clean high that is difficult to obtain off of, say, a joint.

We here at Buzzed Extracts have a variety of different Honey Oils for you to pick and choose from for the exact desired feeling you’re looking for. We’re proud to say our products contain no strange chemicals or impurities and pose no additional dangers compared with traditional weed consumption. We invite you to experience a feeling that's as smooth and silky as honey, and will leave you buzzing!