Buzzed Isolate – 99.88% CBD


  • CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD with no other compounds
  • Benefits of CBD Isolate:
    • Reduces stress and anxiety
    • Improves sleep quality
    • Supports the body’s endocannabinoid system
  • CBD Isolate stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness
  • Wellness benefits of CBD Isolate:
    • Promotes calm and focus
    • Relieves aches and pains
    • Enhances sleep
    • Supports skin health
    • Eases anxiety and low mood
  • Dosage 5-10mg to start. 50-100mg is the minimum effective dose in most cases.
  • Various ways to take CBD Isolate
  • CBD Isolate is legal and contains 0% THC
  • Ideal for those seeking CBD benefits without THC concerns
  • CBD Isolate is a powder
  • Use orally or topically
  • Use in your vape, or roll it up with you joints
  • CBD can be used for Anxiety, Pain Relief, Anti-inflammation and more!
  • Looking for CBD Oil?
Buzzed Isolate – 99.88% CBD
Buzzed Isolate – 99.88% CBD

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