Are Online Weed Dispensaries Safe to Buy From?

online weed dispensary

With cannabis having been legalized in 2018, the concept of getting our fix legally is still a little foreign to us. However, while cannabis was legalized in 2018, it took a moment for an entire industry of weed dispensaries to pop up. Now getting marijuana is as easy as getting milk from a grocery store; it might just be more accessible considering these trying times. 

The question is, though, is it safe? The short answer is yes. The longer answer explains why it’s safe and actually safer than how we used to acquire cannabis before dispensaries even existed. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Why Should I Purchase My Weed Online From Weed Dispensaries?

There are many reasons why getting weed from a dispensary makes more sense than getting it from just any random dude on the streets. 

  1. Assurance that the product you’re purchasing with the intention of consuming is safe. Weed dispensaries love telling their customers every little detail about each and every product. They’re passionate about their creations. 
  2. A wide variety of legitimate products.
  3. You support businesses, both big and small, instead of criminals.
  4. Safe and secure delivery, which is just an added convenience. 
  5. Your financial information is safe and secure.

You need to understand that crime syndicates use revenue generated from low-level drugs to fund more significant crime ventures. Beyond that, the marijuana they’re selling you isn’t guaranteed to be suitable for consumption. You don’t know the extent of what’s in the product. 

How Do I Know if a Weed Dispensary is Legit Versus Illegitimate?

  1. Wide variety of legitimate payment methods.
  2. Dedicated email addressed to the company it represents, i.e., (email)
  3. Professional website and online store.
  4. Proper documentation for their privacy policy, terms and conditions, and shipping policy. 

Signs That a Weed Dispensary Is An Illegal Seller

The telltale signs that a weed dispensary is illegitimate are simple;

  1. They request that payments be made through unusual methods such as crypto or e-transfer. Even if cash is an option, that doesn’t make it legitimate.
  2. The email address they use is generic and not a dedicated email address for the company, i.e., Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. 
  3. They’re limited in terms of what they offer clients.
  4. A poorly designed website that doesn’t feature enough information and doesn’t function properly.
  5. Credit card information is requested for reasons other than checkout. 
  6. There are abnormally low fees for products and unusually high fees for shipping, duties, and other extra charges.

Please be extremely careful when making a purchase online for marijuana from an untrusted supplier. It’s too easy to fall into the trap that could result in intense fraud on your credit card or products that harm your life. 

Purchase From a Trusted Supplier

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