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Budder vs Shatter

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The market for cannabis concentrates is forever growing and already has a large selection. As the country becomes more and more open to the world of cannabis, this trend will not be slowing down anytime soon. Two popular concentrates you may see on your dispensary shelves include budder and shatter. It can be hard to […]

What are Diamond Concentrates?

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Have you been searching all over the internet about different types of cannabis concentrates and came across the term diamond concentrates or HCFSE diamonds? Are you curious about what all the hype is about?   Look no further. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the popular product. Continue reading to […]

How to Use Shatter

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Concentrates are the hottest item on the cannabis market at the moment. They are sought-after for their strong psychoactive properties despite only needing a minimal amount of product.  One of the most touted cannabis concentrates is called shatter, a beautiful golden glass-like substance that is easy to break – hence the name. If you’re interested […]

What Are Dabs?

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Cannabis is a huge market with its own dictionary of terminology. You have the infamous terms like spliff, hash, shatter, bowl. And then there are the ever so popular “dabs.” If you have done any amount of online research about cannabis use, you’ve most likely stumbled across this word more than once. What does it […]

5 Things that Nobody Has Told You About Diamond Extracts

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Diamond Extracts are also known as THC diamonds They are a cannabis concentrate that is created by using a butane extraction method. It’s very popular because of its potency. This cannabis concentrate is 99% THC. It is far stronger than any other cannabis product. To create this cannabis concentrate, you must demonstrate a thorough extractions […]