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3 Tips for Using CO2 Honey Oil

co2 honey oil

CO2 is a shortened form of saying carbon dioxide. It is used as a solvent in making cannabis concentrates. CO2 is a naturally occurring compound. CO2 honey oil is one of many cannabis concentrates. It is created by extracting properties from a cannabis plant using carbon dioxide as a solvent. How it Works: CO2 extraction […]

Here’s What People Are Saying About THC Diamonds

diamond extracts

THC Diamonds are a very expensive treat for a cannabis user. They are a cannabis concentrate that is created following an extraction process. This cannabis concentrate gets its name from its appearance, resembling tiny pieces of granulated sugar. Creating a live resin, following a process, you end up with your diamonds. Rare This cannabis concentrate […]

5 Awesome Things About HTFSE

HTFSE diamond extracts

HTFSE is an acronym for high terpene full-spectrum extracts. This is a full spectrum cannabis extract. This is an incredible cannabis compound, and we’re sharing 5 awesome things about it. What it is HTFSE is a cannabis compound that focuses on multiple terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Most other extracts focus on only one compound. HTFSE […]

3 Benefits of Using Distillate Smoking Oil

Distillate Smoking Oil vape

Distillate oil is the base ingredient for most cannabis edibles along with vape cartridges. It normally is flavorless and without a scent. Distillate oil is very potent and though it is without terpenes, you have control over the entire taste and smell. To create distillate oil, you go through a process of removing everything except […]

How to Make Dabs

whats a weed dab

Dabbing is the most popular way to consume cannabis concentrates. Cannabis users love the fact that they can use a small amount of product and still experience one of the strongest highs of their life. After reading this, you’re probably wishing you knew how to make dabs. Don’t worry – we have you covered. Find […]