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What Is Distillate?

Distillates are beloved for their potency and versatility. Distillate can be dabbed, vaporized, mixed in edibles, you name it! This precious liquid is an oil that is purified and distilled from the original cannabis plant base. A truly good distillate should be thick, translucent, and most importantly, not contain any waxes or impurities that could […]

Intro to Shatter – What is it and How Do You Use It?

shatter canada

You might have seen shatter in your favorite dispensary. They are glass-like, almost translucent products that look like glass shards that come in many shades. Many of our customers were asking the same questions so we decided to dedicate a detailed post to magnificent shatter. Keep reading as we investigate what it is,  how it […]

THC Diamonds – Everything You Need to Know

thc diamond extracts

THC diamonds are grabbing the world by storm. They are often labelled as the “caviar” of the cannabis industry and are slowly growing in popularity due to their mysteriousness and properties. But what are these prized diamonds and are they that good? We thought about dedicating today’s blog post to the royalty of cannabis extracts, […]