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Ultimate Guide to THC Distillate Syringes: How to Use, Benefits & Where to Buy | Dispensary Favorites

Distillate Syringe

Looking for the ultimate guide to THC distillate syringes? You’ve come to the right place. THC distillate syringes are a popular cannabis product that offers a convenient and versatile way to consume cannabis oil. These syringes are filled with a highly potent cannabis extract known as delta-9 THC distillate, which contains a high concentration of […]

Intro to Shatter – What is it and How Do You Use It?


You might have seen shatter in your favourite dispensary. They are glass-like, almost translucent products that look like glass shards that come in many shades. Shatter is a potent cannabis concentrate known for its glass-like texture and high THC content. It is made through an extraction process that uses solvents to separate the cannabinoids and […]

THC Diamonds – Everything You Need to Know

THC Diamonds

THC diamonds are grabbing the world by storm. They are often labeled as the “caviar” of the cannabis industry and are slowly growing in popularity due to their mysteriousness and properties. But what are these prized diamonds and are they that good? Readers will discover the various ways to consume THC diamonds, whether dabbing them […]