Top Types of Cannabis Concentrates

cannabis concentrates

We’ve all heard of cannabis concentrates and how they’re dominating the marijuana market. Many people have taken a liking to these new methods of consumption of what is a strong, cleaner, and more proactive version of their favourite plant. But what are cannabis concentrates? What are the various types of concentrates? And finally, what are their benefits? Let’s find out.

What is a Concentrate?

Cannabis concentrates are a more potent form of cannabis than the more traditional consumption methods. Creating concentrates requires a distillation process that isolates the most important aspects of the cannabis plant. As a result, these cannabinoids and terpenes become refined and more potent before being made into their final concentrated form. 

What Are The Best Types of Cannabis Concentrates?

Here are some of the most common cannabis concentrates on the market and favourites of regular concentrate consumers. 


Butane hash oils or BHO’s include:

These concentrates are made with a pressurized chemical solvent such as butane and propane, which strips the cannabis oils from the plant matter. They do this through a closed-loop system. The delicate process preserves a more sturdy state of cannabinoids and terpenes. THC-heavy extracts can hit up to 70-90% of total cannabinoids.


This solventless concentrate is extracted through the use of heat and pressure on the cannabis buds. Rosin comes in many forms; it can be rigid and crumbly, or hard and waxy. Rosin’s extremely popular as it’s extremely pure, potent, and flavorful. 


Distillates are concentrated oils that are devoid of all waxes, flavonoids, terpenes, or any other compounds found in cannabis plants. They contain isolated and specific cannabinoids. The selected cannabinoids are either THC or CBD, with THC being the more common choice. The process involves complex extraction, separation, and finally, a purification process. This process results in a potent oil stripped of everything but the target of the extraction process. It’s highly potent, with a roughly 99% purity rating. 

Diamond Concentrates

Diamond concentrates are crystalline structures that have high levels of terpenes and a somewhat runny texture. You can either smoke or vape THCA diamonds. The process of making diamond concentrates is by taking another concentrate known as sauce and putting it through heat and pressure to create the crystalline structure that diamonds are known for. 

CO2 Oils 

Producing CO2 oils requires the use of CO2 gas. Extractors input CO2 into tubes filled with buds and remove cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving behind the golden-hued concentrate. These are common in pre-filled vape cartridges and pens. However, the low temperatures mean most natural terpenes and flavours remain present in the final product.

Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates

Here are some of the benefits that come from enjoying cannabis concentrates:

  • Acts as a pain relief measure for more chronic and severe pains
  • Helps mitigate migraines and nausea
  • Can have beneficial calming effects on users of CBD cannabis concentrates
  • Can reduce inflammation 
  • Can reduce anxiety and stress

These are some of the overall benefits, but each type of concentrate can have varying effects on users. 

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