What Is Distillate?

Distillates are beloved for their potency and versatility. Distillate can be dabbed, vaporized, mixed in edibles, you name it!

This precious liquid is an oil that is purified and distilled from the original cannabis plant base. A truly good distillate should be thick, translucent, and most importantly, not contain any waxes or impurities that could make your experience less pleasurable.  

Distillates are taking the world of cannabis extracts by storm. They are getting so popular that we feel like they truly deserve a post of their own. Keep reading as we investigate the benefits of using a distillate and answer some burning questions about this magical product.

What is Distillate?

Distillate is an extract of the cannabis plant that is completely stripped of imperfections, impurities or any other compounds that negatively impact the flavor or the experience when consumed. 

The distillate is the base ingredient of most edibles and vape cartridges and typically lacks any flavor, taste, or aroma. They are popular because they do not contain that recognizable, strong, pungent smell of weed that makes it impossible for some people to consume cannabis extracts. Some consumers of cannabis extracts despise the smell of weed so a distillate seems like a logical choice for many.

What is Inside a Distillate?

The most common forms of distillate on the market are THC oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil. In the case of CBD oil, CBD is the most present cannabinoid and does not give you the sensation of feeling high while the THC oil does.

The reason that you often do not taste anything in a distillate is that it lacks the terpenes, or naturally occurring plant flavors and aromas, of the cannabis plant. One benefit of having the natural terpenes removed is being able to have complete control over the final product’s taste and smell.

Some distillates contain re-added terpenes, and they are beloved by those who do not wish to sacrifice the rich aroma and taste of the product.

In the final phase of the distillate-making process, the cannabis oil is distilled using vacuum pressure and heat. This allows the product makers to separate individual cannabinoids and terpenes from the decarboxylated. In a vacuum environment, where the pressure can be strictly controlled, the boiling point can be achieved at much lower temperatures to prevent the loss of the product’s potency.

Does Distillate Get You High?

It depends on the presence of cannabinoids in the product. The final product is very strong and if your distillate contains THC, then you are in store for a ride. The higher the amount of THC in your distillate, the stronger the feeling of being high.

A good rule of thumb is to always check and ask what sort of cannabinoids the product contains and start with a smaller dose if it contains a high dose of THC. On the other hand, if you’re consuming a CBD distillate, you will tap into the therapeutic benefits of CBD but, because CBD doesn’t produce intoxicating effects, you will not get high and instead feel light and relieved.

cannabis distillate Is Distillate the Same as Oil?

The distillate is a type of oil as it has been virtually stripped of everything other than that which was intended to preserve, in this case, it’s the cannabinoids. Not all cannabis oils are distillates, but all distillates are oils. Cannabis oil is considered a distillate only if all other materials and compounds have been removed.

How is Distillate Used?

Distillates can be consumed in many ways. For example, they can be consumed using a dab rig or a portable vaporizer with a distillate cartridge for your distillate smoking oil and a vape pen.  Dabbing and vaping normally does not release any specific odor while the effects kick in almost instantly.

Edibles or topicals are beloved alternatives. In edibles, distillates provide the desired cannabinoids without any cannabis taste. The dosage can be increased according to your preference but if you are unsure, you can add the product in smaller doses, about 5 milligrams or less THC per serving to avoid any strong reaction before you are accustomed to the product. 

Distillates can also be consumed by being dropped under the tongue, but the taste may be too tart for most people.

Where Can I Find Distillate, Vapes and Syringes?

In today’s market, you can easily find vape pens and syringes that contain pure distillate oil. Vape products feature a cartridge filled with THC distillate, a heating element, and a battery that powers the heating element. Because it contains such a potent form of extract, these vape pens tend to be very strong.

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Wrapping Up!

Cannabis distillate is adored by many users who want all the benefits of the cannabis plant without the taste that is very problematic for some consumers.

The distillate is a very purified product, so you do not have to worry about it containing any unwanted product, although it is possible to re-introduce aroma and flavor-enhancing terpenes back into the product.

In addition, a cannabis distillate can be a very potent product, it is important to check whether the product contains THC and to which degree, so you do not experience any sudden or unexpected psychoactive effects in case you use too much of the product.

Finally, it is worthy to remember that distillates are not the easiest thing to make and that the process of treating the cannabis plant is highly complex, therefore we advise you to avoid buying any product that is marketed as a distillate and was not made in a lab environment.

We hope you found our post informative, make sure to check out our shelves and find a great distillate for yourself.

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