3 Benefits of Using Distillate Smoking Oil

Distillate Smoking Oil vape

Distillate oil is the base ingredient for most cannabis edibles along with vape cartridges. It normally is flavorless and without a scent. Distillate oil is very potent and though it is without terpenes, you have control over the entire taste and smell. To create distillate oil, you go through a process of removing everything except the cannabinoid that you want present. If you’re wanting the benefits of the extreme high, then you leave the THC and you end up with THC oil. A form of THC that is nearly 100% pure. If you remove the THC and leave the CBD, then you’re left with CBD oil. An oil that has incredible health benefits and can treat many medical conditions. There are many types of oils, but oil can only be a distillate oil if it has been stripped of all terpenes and compounds. Keep in mind also, that not all cannabis oils are produced in the same fashion, and therefore they are not all of the same quality. There are a ton of benefits to using distillate smoking oil, be it for smoking, or for creating edibles. The quality of the oil is unlike any other cannabis concentrate.

Benefits of Using Distillate Smoking Oil

We’re going to touch on 3 benefits, but keep in mind that when using a substance so incredibly pure, there are many benefits. However, because of its potency, dose small, and smart. Take into consideration your mood, mindset, and expectations before consuming as that could play a part in the effect. Choose a dispensary that takes extra care and caution in the creation such as, https://buzzedextracts.to/product/buzzed-extracts-distillate-syringe-mix-28/.


Smoking distillate oil is about as pure as it comes. Pure THC distillate oil is very nearly exactly how it sounds. Pure. Odorless, no aroma, and ready to be consumed, or added into whatever. This oil is incredibly versatile and works recreationally as well as medically. Because of the process to create this oil, it doesn’t get any purer than this.


A lot of cannabis users smoke distillate smoking oil because of its effects. Regardless of it’THC oil or CBD oil, they both are without any other compound or terpene, creating the most desired effect. The high of THC oil is exceptionally high, and the therapeutic benefits of consuming CBD oil are very prevalent. Both of these distillate oils will give you the full effect that you’re desiring. Get ready for the most elevated mood that you’ve ever experienced because that is exactly what this oil will do for you. Because of its complete purity, the effect of this oil is unlike any other cannabis concentrate or cannabis product.

Smoking distillate oil has plenty of benefits. These are just a few. The quality of the oil is created by following the correct process and taking time and attention to the oil. Don’t rush the process and you’ll end up with a beautiful distillate oil with all of these amazing benefits.


Distillate oil is somewhere around 90-99% THC or CBD, whichever cannabidiol you leave in. This is the highest level in a cannabis concentrate and as mentioned before, as pure as it comes

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