How to Maximize Your High With Cannabis Edibles

cannabis edibles

Find out how to maximize your enjoyment of the highs you can get by ingesting cannabis edibles.   

For many years, cannabis was a substance that was usually smoked. But the advent of techniques to extract and refine the active ingredients found in the cannabis plant has created a multitude of new ways to consume cannabis.

From the traditional brownies to gummies and oils, cannabis enthusiasts can now choose from a plethora of options to get their preferred high. So let’s take a look at ways that you can maximize the enjoyment of your highs by ingesting edible cannabis products.  

Taking it Easy

Smoking cannabis produces an immediate high. The psychoactive ingredients of cannabis enters the bloodstream very rapidly and the effects are felt almost instantaneously.

But when you ingest cannabis edibles, the effects can take some time to kick in. It isn’t unusual for more than an hour to pass before the full effects of an edible product begin to express themselves fully. 

Know Yourself

If you are new to edibles but have already tried smoking weed, you will know how much it takes to get you high. But even though you might be a smoking or vaping expert, it is essential to know that edibles will give you a far heavier and longer high than the good ‘ol smoke does.

Most edible companies recommend on their packaging that you opt for a half-dose or less for your first few times. That means a dose of 5 mg or so for your first edible cannabis tryout. After that, you can increase the dose rate until you have perfected the amount that gives you the best high.

Try a Rookie Cookie

It may sound like a no-brainer, but just like taking your first driving lesson or flying solo, you should make an effort to only sample a small amount of the good stuff for a start.

Many of the companies that produce edible cannabis products will have some sort of “rookie cookie” available in their product line. These products are specially designed to contain only a small amount of cannabis’ active compounds to ensure that first-time users don’t have a bad experience that will put them off future consumption of edibles.

Get Comfortable

To make sure your edible high is as pleasurable as possible, take some time to set up your surroundings so that you are comfortable, safe and in a space that is mentally, physically and socially relaxing.  

Kick Back and Enjoy

Like Frankie Goes to Hollywood said: RELAX! When they are consumed correctly, edible cannabis products are a very relaxing and fun way of getting high. 

But if you do find that you have consumed too much, don’t panic. Letting your mind spiral out of control will not help relieve the effects of consuming too much edible cannabis. 

So just stay calm and relaxed: that is why you prepared your comfortable and safe surroundings, right? Drink some water, maybe eat a little food, and remember, the feeling will pass. 

Consume Some Great Advice From Salish Trails

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