What are Diamond Concentrates?

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Have you been searching all over the internet about different types of cannabis concentrates and came across the term diamond concentrates or HCFSE diamonds? Are you curious about what all the hype is about?  

Look no further. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the popular product. Continue reading to find out what diamond concentrates are, their benefits, how to smoke them, and where to buy them.

 What are Diamond Concentrates? 

On a base level, diamond concentrates, more formally known as THCA diamonds are a type of cannabis concentrate. To get more specific, they are the crystal-like structures that develop during a process to extract live resin from cannabis plants.

What are The Benefits Of HCFSE Diamonds? 

Like many cannabis products, research has shown that they have properties that help with inflammation. THCA and diamond concentrates are no different.

On-going research is also finding that these properties can help in the treatment of chronic conditions that cause inflammation, such as lupus and arthritis. The properties in THCA may be able to suppress an overactive immune system.

How to Smoke THCA Concentrates

To experience the psychoactive effects of diamond concentrates, you must heat them and turn the THCA into THC. There are few ways you can do this.


If you have a vaporizing machine that can handle solid substances, vaping is a fantastic and safe way to consume diamond concentrates.


One of the most popular ways of consuming diamonds is by utilizing a dab rig. If you plan on using a dab rig, you can do this with or without terp sauce. 


Smoking diamond concentrates is a simple and easy way to experience their psychoactive properties. Simply add them to a roll or bowl of cannabis flowers. 

As you can see, THCA diamonds are an extremely versatile cannabis product.

Other Ways to Consume THCA Diamonds 

For those who simply want to experience the therapeutic effects of THCA diamond and don’t want to tap into their psychoactive properties, there’s a solution for you.

Diamond concentrates are edible and can be consumed by simply swallowing them. Many medical cannabis patients may choose to go this route to help with their health conditions.

To avoid exposing the diamonds to heat, swallow them with a cold drink. Do not mix them into edibles, as the heat from baking will turn THCA into THC and produce high sensations. 

Where to Buy Diamond Concentrates

If you’re interested in trying out diamond concentrates, you can purchase them right here on the Buzzed Extracts website. We offer them in a variety of fantastic strains that you will love. 

If you’re unsure which mix you’ll like best, check out our awesome HCFSE Diamonds combo pack or contact our team to learn more.

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