Where to Buy Honey Oil in Canada

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Recreational cannabis has been legal in Canada for a while now, giving adults the right to share, carry, and buy slightly over an ounce, or up to 30 grams, of dried marijuana at one time. This is enough weed to roll up to 60 joints!

What about honey oil and other cannabis extracts? After legalizing recreational marijuana in 2018, the Canadian government also legalized cannabis topicals, extracts, and edibles around a year later in 2019. But where can you buy honey oil in Canada?

Here is everything you need to know about buying honey oil (also known as cannabis oil or hash oil) in the nation.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Buy Honey Oil In Canada?

In most territories and provinces across the nation, the legal age to consume and purchase honey oil (and all cannabis products, for that matter) is 19. Others, however, like Quebec and Alberta, have distinct sets of rules.

The legal age to buy honey oil in Alberta is 18, and Quebec’s newly elected government raised the province’s minimum legal age to 21. Note that sharing cannabis products (including honey oil) with minors is a crime across Canada as well.

Where Can I Buy Honey Oil In Canada?

If you’re above the age limit, you can purchase honey oil through your province’s official Cannabis store or privately-run authorized retailers like Buzzed Extracts. The honey oil from Buzzed Extracts, for instance, has been handcrafted using food grade and organically grown cannabis buds to ensure a top-quality THC distillate.

What’s more? Licensed producers in the nation must submit all their products to Health Canada before selling them to licensed private retailers like Buzzed Extracts and making them available for sale to the public. Once submitted, these products are subject to a 60 to 90-day procurement and approval process.

If you buy cannabis from anywhere else besides the two options listed above, you could face a steep fine or/and imprisonment. After all, according to the nation’s laws, you’re responsible for knowing what is legal in the territory or province you live in or are visiting.

While learning about the legality of honey oil and other cannabis products in any Canadian territory or province, watch out for the following:

  •   Their excise stamp
  •   Their public possession limits
  •   A brief outline of where you can buy legal cannabis
  •   Their age restrictions
  •   Links to their list of authorized retailers

If you find the long line usually found at cannabis stores a bit stressful, you have another option. Most territories and provinces’ official Cannabis Stores offer online sales as well, where you can have your honey oil delivered to your home, Airbnb, or hotel within a matter of days.

Can Visitors Also Buy Honey Oil In Canada?

Yes, they can, but buying online may prove problematic.

While anyone can buy cannabis products online from authorized retailers and have the weed delivered to any address in Canada, purchases will usually require Canadian credit cards to complete. In Alberta, for instance, that means tourists from the US must find physical brick-and-mortar stores to acquire their desired products and pay with cash since most credit card clearing companies do not clear US cards for cannabis purchases.


All Canadian territories and provinces have websites dedicated to their own specific cannabis laws and regulations. As such, do your own extensive research before buying to ensure you’re only buying from authorized retailers like Buzzed Extracts.



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