5 Awesome Things About HTFSE

HTFSE diamond extracts

HTFSE is an acronym for high terpene full-spectrum extracts. This is a full spectrum cannabis extract. This is an incredible cannabis compound, and we’re sharing 5 awesome things about it.

What it is

HTFSE is a cannabis compound that focuses on multiple terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Most other extracts focus on only one compound. HTFSE focuses on multiple. It is the sticky-like sauce that is left over after the THCA diamonds are removed.

How it’s Created

HTFSE is created using very high-quality cannabis plants. The cannabinoid and terpene properties need to be very healthy. The first part of the process requires low heat so as to not ruin the components. The low temperature ensures that the separation process (getting rid of all the unwanted components of the plant), goes quickly and smoothly. During the second part of the process, the heat is increased slowly, separating the solvent and the concentrate. The low heat allows the sauce to boil, however still keeps the important compounds intact. Upon this point, there are various steps and routines to continue creation. This is an intricate process with a lot of care, time and attention involved.

THC Levels/Strength

If the HTFSE is created correctly and with care, it will end up with somewhere around 40% THC level and 13% terpenes. Keep in mind that most cannabis is around 18-25%, so this is very adequate for even the average consumer.

Forms of HTFSE in Canada

Forms of HTFSE are live resin, THC diamonds, and Terp Sauce. Live resin is a highly favorited cannabis concentrate with a beautiful smooth taste and a wonderful high. Other names for it include sauce, sugar, and sap. THC Diamonds are, again, a cannabis concentrate, that looks like tiny small gems. It is usually around 99% THC, and one of the most potent ways to consume. Terp Sauce is loaded with terpenes and resembles a sticky sauce.


Less is more when dosing with HTFSE. Start small in order to maintain control, and ensure a positive experiment. You can always go back for another hit if you need, but always, always start small. Keep in mind how high of a level THC HTFSE contains when created properly, and 40% in potent and high. It’s important to respect that and remember it when dosing. This is a full-spectrum cannabis concentrate and loaded with terpenes and cannabinoids and this needs to be taken into consideration when dosing.

Buzzed Extracts is the dispensary that you want to explore when looking for your next dose of HTFSE. They create the utmost high-quality product and deliver the most incredible experience when shopping. Their products are also, lab-tested, which is not the case for all dispensaries. Buzzed Extracts does not add any excess chemicals to its products, along with being free of all fillers.

Using HTFSE can be an incredible experience and one that you very well may love. Ensure you educate yourself surrounding this cannabis concentrate, and as always, dose safely. Visit our diamond shop section here to learn more.

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