Here’s What People Are Saying About THC Diamonds

diamond extracts

THC Diamonds are a very expensive treat for a cannabis user. They are a cannabis concentrate that is created following an extraction process. This cannabis concentrate gets its name from its appearance, resembling tiny pieces of granulated sugar. Creating a live resin, following a process, you end up with your diamonds.


This cannabis concentrate is a bit rarer in popularity, however, it is potent and will produce an extremely high experience. Creating this concentrate takes an intricate process, and needs care and attention.


The cost of THC Diamonds runs at roughly $50/g, which is quite expensive if you’re comparing it to cannabis, however, its potency far exceeds that of cannabis. The 1 gram of diamonds will last far longer than the gram of dried cannabis. The cost is higher upfront, but the effects are far more intense and the diamonds last you longer than bud.


How the diamonds are stored is important. You want something child-proof, just in case. I, personally prefer storing in glass jars, to ensure cleanliness. Look for locking, childproof, and a glass jar.


The higher quality strain, then the higher quality diamond. A few that I’d recommend are Quantum Kush, Rockstar, Tuna Rock, and Silver Haze. These high-quality strains create a beautiful, euphoric high that will leave you exhilarated.


The best way to use this cannabis concentrate is to vape, smoke, or dab. The diamonds need to be heated up to decarboxylate the THCA in order to activate the THC for it to create that euphoric high.


These diamonds look like tiny little diamonds. Imagine granulated sugar altogether, and that is what these diamonds will look like.


The effects of using diamonds are unlike dried cannabis nugs. Keep in mind that dried cannabis, even top-shelf cannabis is anywhere from 20-25% THC content, whereas this cannabis concentrate is anywhere from 80-95%. The high that these diamonds create is a euphoric high, and not one to be taken lightly.  Small doses are particularly enjoyable.

Keep in mind

A few things to keep in mind are your mental state, your environment, and your expectations surrounding the diamonds. All of these things are important to consider when consuming this cannabis concentrate. Ensure you are in the right frame of mind, and ready to experience the ultimate high before you inhale.

Make at home

THC diamonds are able to be made at home if needed, but they may not be as potent as from the dispensary. The professionals have high-quality equipment, in order to create a high-quality product.


Ensure you are dosing correctly in order to prevent any unwanted “too high” feelings, always remember that starting small is best, in order to comfortably experience the effects. Avoid the risk of overconsumption by just beginning small.

This cannabis concentrate is a beautiful way to consume cannabis and create the ultimate high. Remember to be safe, smart and enjoy.

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