Distillates – Highly Concentrated and Potent

weed distillate

In a professional kitchen, chefs know that the best sauces are from reductions of cooking liquids, usually made in the pan the dish has been cooked in, or in French, a la minute. In this process, all unnecessary liquids are evaporated, and no additional elements are added.

This results in a highly concentrated and very potent sauce that adds intensity to a meal. A little bit will go a long way.   And, it is usually the executive chef who does this sauté and saucier work herself, or in some cases, himself.  Oftentimes, the excellence of the a la minute sauces not only makes the dish but also makes the restaurant itself.  

Such is the case in the cannabinoid business, also.  We know that THC is the active ingredient that provides that euphoric experience, the high, associated with weed.  It is a process of distillation that is akin to that pan sauce at a fine restaurant.

The Process 

Concentrated oil is pre-extracted from cannabis plants and distilled – – a process that further removes what we don’t want by separation at different temperatures, including plant material and pesticides, and leaving the good stuff that includes cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. 

The chef’s a la minute sauce will be only as good as the protein that was cooked and the wine it was cooked with or in; the same is true with the distillation of these oils.  Good in equals good out.  If the plant and its flowers were of a high grade, then the distillate will be high grade as well. 

It will also be of very high purity, over 90% in most instances. Even at 90%, that means 990 mg from one gram.  It’s an efficient and impactful delivery for the casual toker, a bigger bang for the investment, and when you factor in the versatility of distillate use, that bang just got even bigger. 

Distillates are available in cartridges and syringes. Syringes come with an an easy-to-use applicator that makes refilling carts very easy. The glass syringes come with measurements on the side, so you can dispense controlled doses. This can help measure your dose when taken orally (under the tongue) or added on your favorite dab tool. A drop or two can be added to your fruit smoothie in the morning, or to your afternoon cup of tea. Add to your favorite brownie batter, too, to accompany that afternoon tea.

Syringes make it easy to control the drops and dose, and refilling cartridges takes less than 2 minutes if even that. The process could not be more convenient.

You can order a distillate conveniently online from Buzzed Extracts from the comfort of your couch.  Browse through their offerings and you will find both vape pens and distillate syringes to choose from. Orders are usually shipped the same day once payment has been received, and the Xpresspost will get it to you in a few days. Or, save a little on shipping and the Expedited Shipping will reach you in 2-8 days. 

With Buzzed Extracts, there are no extraneous or added ingredients – no Vitamin E, polythene glycol or other fillers are used.

To learn more, or to do some serious shopping, visit Buzzed Extracts here. 

Discover why distillates have become the most sought-after delivery means for an intense cannabinoid experience available today. 

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