Weed In Canada – The Many Ways To Buy Cannabis

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Back in the day, there was either the nickel bag, a dime bag or the hash cube among other terms of weight.  The nickel bag, a gram of weed, would run you $5, or thereabouts; the hash cube a bit more.  The bag would be half seeds and twigs, but it still did the job.  The hash would be harsh on your throat, but the high would be intense. 

In today’s Canada, though, and especially in the weed scene, my how things have changed.  And with those changes have come new words, new names, for the wide variety of offerings.  Let’s talk words! 


Cannabis extracts are exactly what the word implies – something extracted from the cannabis plant.  In this case, it’s all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.  THCA, the naturally occurring cannabinoid form is taken from the entire plant through various extraction methods, including the distillation process and the use of solvents of some kind.  Its chemical composition is transformed into THC, the compound that produces the intoxication enthusiasts seek.


It’s a mature commercial technique for distilling cannabinoids used to create concentrates from cannabis plant matter.  The entire plant is used in this commercial process, not just the buds.  Distillates can come in a variety of forms with high-sounding names (pun intended) They can also come in a variety of potencies with a high (again, pun intended) of close to 99% THC content in some instances. 

The oils can be used to load vapes, but can also be used in foods – – smoothies, brownies, cookies, tea, coffee, etc. – – and orally under the tongue.  Just a dab, though.

Vapes and Dabs

This will take a moment to unwrap.  Vape pens, used for the consumption of distillates, are battery-powered devices made up of a tank (where the distillate is loaded) and a vaporizer.  The name comes from the latter.  These parts work together to heat the distillate and produce a vapour, which is then inhaled. That distillate must be in liquid form, and its quite thick resembling a tree sap texture.

A dab rig is used to consume dabs, and they are similar to bongs in that they are glass style, although there are electric rigs as well. A dab is a highly concentrated THC product that is exposed to heat in the dab rig. Dab rigs have a nail where the concentrate is added, and a torch is used to light up the nail. This creates a vapour that the user then inhales. 

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Its list of offerings includes everything discussed above, including concentrates and distillates, and the equipment needed (vapes, pens, cartridges, refills) to enjoy them.  Shopping is easy and convenient, and quick delivery will have your order at your door in as little as 2 days.

Weed in Canada is as near to you as your online connection when shopping with Buzzed Extracts. 

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