How Do You Make Weed Crystals?

weed in bottle

Cannabis has had a long history as being something that was smoked, then it was turned into edibles, vape, and the like. Now, the future of weed is in the form of weed crystals. This is becoming the go-to method for those who are looking to use THC to get the highest effect that the strain can have, or even those who are using this for medical purposes. So, how do you make weed crystals?

cannabis close up crystalsThis is not going to be something that you can do at home. But, you will find that most shops that sell these items will have weed crystals, also known as diamonds. If you ever see this in person, these weed crystals are going to often have a clear color to them and have that ‘diamond’ look, hence the name.

When a grower harvests their cannabis crop, the plants are going to have different cannabinoids than what you realize. You have heard the terms THC and CBD, which is what many people think that these plants have. However, they also have THCA and CBDA. When the harvester uses the extraction process, they can pull out the THCA. The THCA is then going to crystallize to give you “weed crystals”.

In this form, it is pretty unstable and as it is just a rock or powder, it really has no benefit to users. However, when the user then applies heat to these weed crystals, that is when they will get the THC effects. The THCA weed crystals then turn into a pure form of THC…perhaps the purest that they have ever had. As the weed crystals are heated and smoked, what is inhaled is the pure form of THC.

Those who are looking for more effects of THC will find that weed crystals are the way to go. In fact, it is suggested that those who are new to this take it slow, because the effects will be felt much sooner than if you were to use edibles. Those who try to use weed crystals and put these into a drink as an edible, will not get any sort of effect. Remember, it is the heat that turns the weed crystals into the pure THC that you are wanting.

While the weed crystals are not super popular yet, those who are into this lifestyle are finding that this is the best route to go. Luckily, we have several diamond mixtures to choose from that are going to give the effect that you have always wanted, including bundles that allow you to try different forms of THC to see which you like the best!


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