How Diamond Extracts are Made

how diamond extracts are made

While scouring the communities of cannabis enthusiasts online, you may have seen the terms THC diamonds, THCA diamonds, or cannabis crystals. They are all the same thing – the popular form of cannabis concentrate is a hit amongst users due to its high potency.

But there have been some burning questions on everybody’s’ minds for quite some time, including “what are they?” and “how are they made?”

If you’re curious about how one of the most potent forms of cannabis concentrate is created, continue reading. You will be shocked by how long the extraction takes.

What are Diamond Extracts?

In layman’s terms, diamond extracts, also known as THC diamonds, are a cannabis concentrate that is created when using a butane extraction method. Their strong level of potency makes them highly sought after. But if we dive in deeper – diamond extracts are much more complex.

How are Diamond Extracts Made?

To create diamond extracts, a thorough extraction process has to take place. First things first – the cannabis plant is put through a butane extraction method to make a live resin.

diamond extractsOnce the live resin is ready, it will then be purified/purged with heat to help remove unwanted solvents. Following the purification process, the resin is put into a container to be stored in a dark area and begin separating.

During the separation process, the terpenes in the resin create a liquid layer that separates itself from the cannabinoid crystals forming in the bottom of the container.

It can take up to three weeks for the separation process to create a satisfactory amount of crystals. Once the separation process is complete – the crystals go through another purification/purging process.

The second purging can occur in one of two ways. Some more experienced professional extractors will purify the terpene liquid and the crystals separately. Newcomers to the extracting scene will simply purge the liquid and the crystals together. Most experienced extractors will agree that purifying the two separately creates a higher-quality product. The terpene liquid takes 60 hours to purge, while the crystals take a whopping 72.

Purifying the concentrates individually allows them to create THC diamond crystals and another form of liquid concentrate.

Some manufacturers will make them into two separate products – others will recombine the liquid and the crystals before shipping them off to your favorite local dispensary.

Time and Effort Create the Best Concentrates

As you can see, this high potency concentrate takes a lot of time and effort to create before perfectly lining the dispensary shelves.

Professional extractors hold themselves to a high standard and want to ensure their customers receive the best product possible.

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