How THC Diamonds are Made and Why are They Popular?

Diamonds are Forever

Find out how THC diamonds are made and how these crystals are growing in popularity among cannabis users. 

THC diamonds are a crystalline form of extracted cannabis.  And just like their geological namesakes, they are a rare commodity. But these little crystals of almost pure tetrahydrocannabinolic acid are rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after extracts Canada’s cannabis afficandos are using.

But what makes THC diamonds so attractive to cannabis users seeking an alternative high from the usual weed extracts and traditional bud? Well…the answers can get a bit complex at times, but ultimately it comes down to the same old thing: the quality of the product. 

So for a start, let’s go back to chemistry class and study how diamond concentrates are made. After that, we can relax a bit and take a look at their uses, costs, and how you can get hold of some.

Diamond Extracts: The Jewels of the Cannabis World. 

Under the right conditions, cannabinoids can be purified and isolated until they form crystalline solids. Sometimes referred to as THCA crystalline cannabis, these rare gems are some of the most potent cannabis products on the market today. 

Pure diamond extracts can have an extremely high total cannabinoid concentration. This level of purity makes diamond concentrates a product favored by high-end users seeking a more pure cannabis experience, without the associated health problems caused by inhaling the smoke of burning weed. 

A Complex Chemical Mix 

thc diamonds canadaOne of the most amazing characteristics of the cannabis plant is the vast array of chemical compounds that they produce. While some of the phytochemical compounds found in cannabis, such as terpenes and flavonoids, occur in many plants, cannabis alone contains cannabinoids.  

Among the hundred or so (the exact number currently stands at 113) cannabinoids that have been isolated from the cannabis plant, the most well-known is THC: the chemical compound that is largely responsible for the high that people experience when they smoke cannabis.

Almost Perfect

Just as real diamonds are composed of almost 100% carbon, THC diamonds are incredibly pure. THC diamonds can contain anything from 80% to 100% pure THC, with the remaining percentage made up of varying amounts of other chemicals left after the production process is complete.

For this reason, people who are new to using THC diamonds, or various forms of diamond concentrates, need to approach them with a little bit of caution. Diamonds provide an extremely rapid and potent high, so if you are new to them, take things easy for a start.

Who Makes Diamond Extracts?

The THC diamond production process is extremely complex, and best left to experts. For chemistry buffs, diamonds are made by extracting hash oil using a cold extraction process, then winterizing the oil before removing the associated methanol with a rotary evaporator, and introducing a chromatography machine to pressurize the purified oil… Get what we mean? Complex, dangerous, and best left to the experts.

Blown Sky High

As you can see, THC diamonds require some extremely toxic and volatile solvents, along with specialized laboratory equipment, in order to produce them. 

In fact, the process involved is so complex and dangerous, that the only way you are likely to get high from producing your own THC diamonds is by blowing yourself up. For that reason, the production of THC diamonds is best left to people who know what they’re doing, and have the correct equipment. It is a much safer bet to go to an approved supplier and buy your diamond concentrates from them.

Digging in the Dirt

When you think about it, that option makes perfect sense. You wouldn’t go tunneling into the ground to dig up your own carbon diamonds, would you? So why risk blowing yourself up to produce your own THC diamonds, when you can simply order them online from a reputable supplier, then sit back and enjoy their effects. 

How Much Does a Gram of Diamond Dabs Cost?

Just like Marilyn Monroe said: “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” So naturally, the relative rarity of these little gems means that they are going to attract a premium price.

On average, you can expect to pay around C$48 for a gram of diamonds.  Of course, if you buy in bulk, the cost per gram will come down. Most suppliers sell pure diamonds (as well as various diamond extracts and different concoctions containing diamond concentrates) in bundles and mixes.

So the best bet is to peruse your chosen supplier’s website and select the individual bundle of diamond extracts that will suit your needs.  

Are Diamond Extracts Legal?

As more people discover the benefits of THCA, the diamond concentrates wholesale market continues to grow. The question of THCA’s legality seems to depend on how you interpret individual state laws.

Although THCA is not technically regarded as a controlled substance, its active ingredient, THC, may still be classed as an illegal substance in your area. 

It is a good idea to consult your local laws regarding the consumption of cannabis-related products, before proceeding with the use of diamond concentrates. Your chosen supplier will be able to give you advice about current laws, or law changes regarding diamond concentrates. 

How Do I use THCA Diamonds?

THCA diamonds need to be heated in order to activate and release their THC component. This process is called decarboxylation…a big word for a smallish chemical process that converts the inactive THCA molecules in diamonds to the active ingredient THC. 

There are a number of methods that you can use to activate the THC in diamonds. These include: 

  • Dabbing Diamonds. Use a dab rig and mix a little terpene sauce with your diamonds to ensure they don’t fall off the rig.
  • Smoking Diamonds. Crush your diamond up using a mortar and pestle then sprinkle the resulting powder in with your herb of choice.
  • Vaporizing Diamonds. Use a vape rig suitable for liquid or semi-solid concentrates, and mix your diamond with a little sauce.
  • Eating Diamonds. Although the THCA requires heating to activate it, consuming it can be a great way to relieve pain or seizures without getting high. Diamonds can be imbibed with a drink or taken as a supplement. The resulting effect will be less about getting high and more about easing symptoms.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond.

Buzzed Extracts specialize in bringing the finest cannabis extracts Canada can produce to their customers. We have a wide selection of diamond extracts available for order via our website. 

Our staff are also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to diamond extracts, and the various combinations of diamond concentrates available today. We will be able to provide you with up-to-date information about the latest cannabis diamond products and give you advice about the best option for you. 

By shining a positive light on these intriguing and unique cannabis products, Our team at Buzzed Extracts will help you to also shine bright like a diamond on your cannabis journey.  

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