What Are Dabs?

what are weed dabs

Cannabis is a huge market with its own dictionary of terminology. You have the infamous terms like spliff, hash, shatter, bowl. And then there are the ever so popular “dabs.”

If you have done any amount of online research about cannabis use, you’ve most likely stumbled across this word more than once. What does it mean? What are dabs?

In this article, we break down what dabs are, their benefits, types of dabs, and how to use them.

What are Dabs? 

The term “dabs” refers to small, potent doses of cannabis that people make using cannabis concentrates, such as waxes, diamonds, or shatters.

Cannabis users then place the pinky-nail-sized doses onto a dab rig or into a bowl – this process is what the community refers to as dabbing.

The popularity of dabs and dabbing is due to their strong psychoactive abilities while still being able to use a minimal amount of product. Additionally, dabs are remarkably flavorful and make for a more enjoyable user experience.

Benefits of Dabs

Now that you know what dabs are – let’s discuss the benefits of dabs/dabbing. Here are three you should know.

Stronger Than Other Methods

All cannabis consumers will tell you the reason they love dabbing over other consumption methods is that it produces a stronger high. 

Fast Acting

For those who use cannabis for medical purposes, dabbing is a fantastic option because it’s fast-acting. You’re able to seek immediate relief, whether it be from chronic pain or anxiety.

Easier for the Lungs

If you use a pure and well-manufactured concentrate, it can cause less stress on the lungs and be easier to inhale.

Depending on which type of concentrate you use, this list could grow exponentially larger – these are benefits that you’ll see when using any type of concentrate.

Concentrates to Dab 

You can’t dab without choosing a concentrate first. Since this is a one-stop-shop article for all things dabs, here are some of your concentrate options. 

Budder Waxes

Budder waxes are a malleable concentrate that has a smooth butter-like texture.


Shatter is a solid concentrate that you break into small pieces. It has a smooth, hard candy-like texture.

HCFSE Diamonds 

HCFSE diamonds are cannabis concentrates that take on a crystal-like experience.

Hash Oils

Hash oils come in a wide variety of strains and flavors. As you can tell by their name, hash oils have a liquid consistency.

How to Smoke Dabs

There are two ways you can smoke dabs.

Dab Rig

The first way is by using a dab rig. Simply heat the nail, place the concentrate on it, cover it with the dome and light.


The second way is by using a bowl. To use a bowl, you will also need some cannabis flowers. Pack the bowl with flowers, and then place the dab on top and light.

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