How to Make THC Diamonds From Shatter

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Before you get excited, we’re not talking about making diamonds that go in rings; we’re talking all about THC diamonds. In recent years THC diamonds have become increasingly popular amongst cannabis lovers. 

Without giving it too much thought, you’d possibly think that making THC diamonds is an incredibly complex process. A process using a really complicated process, using insane machines, and requiring skill on giving to the select few. However, the reality is that making THC diamonds is something you can make on your own. There are a couple of ways to make THC diamonds using a couple of methods, and we’re going to tell you how. 

What Are THC Diamonds?

If you’re completely clueless as to what THC diamonds are, then never fear; we’ll break it down before moving on to making your own. The concept of a THC diamond has been around for a while now. They are crystalline THC, nearly 100% pure in their THC content. The THC a diamond contains goes through a process of separation from terpenes, other cannabinoids. 

THC diamonds have become so popular because of their unique ability to pinpoint the accuracy of dosas and their consistency when it comes to effects. They are also extremely potent, which helps. 

Solventless Separation

The process of solventless separation isn’t all that complicated. While it’s relatively new, it’s rather straightforward. In order to go through a solventless separation process, you’ll need;

  • Rosin press
  • Extra micron filter bags
  • Parchment paper
  • Your shatter/rosin of choice 

Step 1: Hand-form your chosen rosin and make it into as flat a slab as possible. Now place that flattened rosin in a filter bag (25/45um).

Step 2: Place the bag of shatter/rosin into parchment paper that’s been folded. 

Step 3: Heat the rosin press plates to anywhere between 130 and 190 degrees. You’re not looking to go too high or low, you want just the right temperature to melt only the terpenes, not the cannabinoids. Now while being gentle and slow, bring the plates together while gradually increasing pressure. You should eventually see the terpene oil seeping out. When the seeping oil slows, increase the pressure until all oil is removed. 

Step 4: Left behind should be a filter bag of pure white powder; this is entirely made of THC. 

Mechanical Separation

When it comes to mechanical separation, you’ll be using heat and a mechanical force. Terpenes have lower melting points than cannabinoids would, and using heat to melt only the terpenes is possible as a result. The mechanical pressure is what helps with extracting the oil to leave behind a THC powder. A rosin press will once again help in this process.

Forming Diamonds

With your THC powder, you’re going to heat it in an oven at roughly 250 degrees right up until it begins melting. Allow for cooling and allow it to become a single homogenous chunk. When dried, you can break it into pieces, and voila, THC diamonds. 


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