Top Types of Cannabis Concentrates

cannabis concentrates

In recent years, cannabis concentrates have skyrocketed in popularity. As a result, new and exciting concentrates, flavors, and more are popping up every year to add to a well-rounded collection of products for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy. 

We’re going to take a look at some of the types of cannabis concentrates that you should know about, what they are, and where to find them. So let’s get into it!

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Before we get into the types of cannabis concentrates you should know about, you need to know what cannabis concentrate is. A cannabis concentrate is concentrated cannabis extracts that have been extracted from the plant using various methods and resulting in a variety of different concentrates.


Buzzed Extracts Diamond CaviarCaviar concentrates are one of the most potent concentrates on the market. A combination of both HCFSE diamonds and HTFSE Terp sauce, these concentrates will knock your socks off no matter how familiar you are with cannabis. 

To enjoy the psychoactive qualities of caviar concentrates, you need to apply heat. You can achieve this through the use of vaporizers, pipes, in blunts, pipes, and even in edibles. 

Perhaps you’re looking for some excellent caviar concentrate. In that case, we recommend trying out our Diamond Caviar which has 30 strain choices for you to choose from and enjoy.  


Diamonds are formed in sauce and are cannabis concentrates which higher than usual levels of terpenes. In terms of texture, they are on the runny side while still being crystalline solids. Usually made from THCA or CBD, these concentrated solids are so pure that they’ve earned the classification/name diamond.

When it comes to HCFSE concentrates, you’re getting a precisely targeted and enhanced cannabinoid profile by finding, targeting, and amplifying these particular cannabinoids when in the extraction process. HCFSE stands for high-cannabinoid full-spectrum extract. 

Maybe you’re looking for some excellent diamond concentrate. In that case, we recommend trying out our various diamond extracts or HCFSE concentrates, which are sure to do the trick.  


Distillates are a cannabis concentrate devoid of terpenes, waxes, flavonoids, and numerous other compounds found in cannabis plants. Instead, a distillate concentrate will only include a specific cannabinoid, usually THC or CBD. 

Achieving a distillate cannabis concentrate requires a strenuous process of extractions, separations, and purification. The first step requires removing the terpenes and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Secondly, extractors will use various factors such as pressure and temperature to remove everything except a specific ingredient that they intend to keep for their distillate cannabis concentrate. 

The high you’ll get from a distillate can vary depending on if it’s a THC or CBD distillate. However, these aren’t the only things that determine how you’ll feel. 

Suppose you’re looking for some great distillates. In that case, we recommend trying out our mixed bag of distillates either for a distillate syringe or a distillate vape cartridge.  


There are various types of oil concentrates that you can enjoy if you’re looking to get a nice mellow buzz. You’ve got honey oil, distillates, premium oils, and more. 

CO2 oils go through an extraction process using CO2 gas, hence the name. The process removes all the terpenes and cannabinoids and leaves behind a stunning honey-like concentrate. CO2 oils are commonly used in vape cartridges. 

Honey oil (also known as hash oil or cannabis oil) is a concentrate that contains many of its original resins and terpenes while remaining extremely potent in terms of THC concentrated mass. It derives its name from its amber color and texture.

Maybe you’re looking for some great oil concentrate. In that case, we recommend trying out our premium oils or our honey oil.  


buzzed extracts shatterShatter is one of the original concentrates to hit the market that started a domino effect of sorts to bring us to this point today. Shatter is a cannabis extract that looks like glass, and if you’re not careful, it breaks like it too, hence the name shatter. 

To produce shatter is a long and drawn-out process that requires real care on the manufacturer’s side to create something special that is really free of all the terpenes, cannabinoids, and butane (used in the process to separate the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant).

Maybe you’re looking for some great shatter to enjoy for the first time, or better shatter for your next time. In that case, we recommend trying out our mixed bag of shatter. Then, choose out of 53 different shatter flavors to really expand your marijuana horizons. 

What Effects Can I Expect From Concentrates?

Concentrates provide a smooth, clean high and are very potent compared to their standard cannabis counterparts. Users looking for something new and exciting usually turn to concentrates as they’re becoming more and more popular, and the variations of products are immense, as are the flavor options. 

Fair warning, but concentrates pack a punch, so only partake if you’re experienced with standard plant-based CBD/THC products. Take it slow and understand your limits.

What do you need to use concentrates?

Dab rigs are the most popular options, but they’re far from the only ones. With various consumption methods, you can use vaporizers, bongs, pipes, and even a standard blunt using the liquified concentrate. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to enjoy one of these many brilliant types of concentrates, then stop wasting your time here and head on over to Buzzed Extracts to get the best concentrates Canada has to offer. With insane prices, reward programs, and more, you’ll be ready to start a long last relationship with one of Canada’s finest dispensaries. 




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