What are Cannabis Concentrates?

cannabis concentrates

If you are just getting into cannabis and you are still trying to figure out the best method to consume it, concentrates are a great option to try out. There is a wide variety of concentrates out there and choosing the right one depends only on what you prefer. It is important to remember that one texture isn’t more potent than the other. Potency only depends on the strain of cannabis used.

What are Concentrates?

cannabis concentratesBasically, concentrates are extracted from the cannabis plant’s essential oils. Just like any plant, marijuana produces these oils which rich in nutrients that help the plant live. The oils that the cannabis plant produces have a wide array of nutrients. It contains THC, which is the compound that allows you to get high, as well as flavor and aroma compounds, and CBD. The cannabis concentrate has all the cannabinoids and terpenes of the plant and none of the excess plant material.

Types of Concentrates

There is a wide variety of cannabis concentrates from crystals all the way to oils. It is important to remember that the texture of the concentrate will not make it more or less potent than any other texture. You should choose based on your personal preference. For example, oil concentrates are very easy to handle and can be added to food, ingested by themselves, or in a vape pen.

First off, shatter is a brittle texture that comes in an amber coloration. This type of concentrate is classified as BHO, which is the process that it goes through to be made. Basically, a BHO is a concentrate that is made by using butane as a solvent. Wax, honeycomb, budder, and crumble are also all classified as BHO concentrates.

Another very common cannabis concentrate is CO2 oil, which is used to fill vape cartridges or oral syringes. This oil also has an amber coloration, but it is extracted with CO2 instead of butane, which creates a honey-like consistency. When using CO2 to extract the concentrate, aroma molecules are lost, which makes the cannabis oil concentrate odorless and tasteless. This can be good for people who either don’t enjoy the smell and taste of cannabis or need to take it in a setting where the plant is frowned upon.

How to Consume Concentrates

Much like you will figure out which concentrate you like best, you will also find out which method you prefer to use it. The most common use of concentrates is by using a dab rig, which consists of heading the dab rig or bong bowl, applying the concentrate on the hot surface, turning it on, and inhaling the vapor.

Concentrates can also be used to boost the potency of the flower, for instance. You can add oil or wax to your join or bowl to increase the potency and flavor of your smoke. Furthermore, you can use oils to refill your vape pen. And, a less talked about option, edibles are a good way to have a long-lasting high and potent high depending on the dose.

Overall, there is a huge variety of concentrates and ways to use them out there. Luckily, there are concentrates that will surely fit any lifestyle and one will surely fit your preferences. Whether you prefer to smoke blunts but you want to boost your high with a bit of concentrate. Perhaps you’d like to have a long-lasting high by making your own edibles at home. Whatever you prefer, concentrates have you covered.

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