What is Co2 Honey Oil?

co2 honey oil

When entering the world of cannabis, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the mass amount of products available. You are constantly scratching your head, asking questions like “where do I start?” and “which product will suit my wants and needs best?

One of the many popular products on the market right now is Co2 Honey Oil. Its calmness-inducing properties, such as THC and CBD, make it a hit amongst cannabis consumers.

But you may be asking yourself, “what is Co2 Honey Oil exactly?” Well, we’re going to answer the question for you right here, right now. Continue reading if you want to know what Co2 Honey oil is.

What Does “Co2” Mean?

co2 honey oil clementineTo put it simply, Co2 is the formula for carbon dioxide.  Co2 is used as a solvent in the making of special cannabis concentrates. Some other solvents commonly used in the production of cannabis concentrates include butane and alcohol.

Now that we know what Co2 is and what it is used for in the making of cannabis concentrates, it will be easier to understand what Co2 Honey oil is.

What is Co2 Honey Oil?

Now, let’s answer the burning question you have all been wondering – “what is Co2 Honey oil?”

Co2 Honey oil is a type of cannabis concentrate that is created by extracting properties from a cannabis plant using carbon dioxide as a solvent. The Co2 extraction method strips the cannabis plant of its essential oils and then helps create a full spectrum extract the cannabis consumers have come to love.

The Co2 extraction method is more formally known as supercritical fluid extraction. The full spectrum extract is typically a golden tinted oil that can either be clear or opaque. It depends on each individual extractors finishing process.

Why Cannabis Consumers Love it

As we have previously mentioned, its calming properties such as THC and CBD make it a hit amongst cannabis consumers. But that’s not the only reason it has received so much hype in recent years.

It’s Easy to Use

Like many other cannabis oils, Co2 is available for purchase in pre-filled vaping cartridges. Because of this, cannabis consumers are able to experience the luxurious relaxation that THC products can offer without the hassle.

Although there are many THC products on the market that claim to be hassle-free many of them sacrifice the quality and purity of the cannabis during the extraction phase.

Since Co2 Honey Oil is a full spectrum contrate, you are guaranteed a higher-quality cannabis experience. Many consumers have stated that Co2 Honey Oil offers the same effects as smoking cannabis flowers.

People also prefer the Co2 extraction method because it eliminates the use of any chemical solvents. I think we all have to admit Co2 Honey Oil is pretty amazing.

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