5 Things that Nobody Has Told You About Diamond Extracts

how diamond extracts are made

Diamond Extracts are also known as THC diamonds

They are a cannabis concentrate that is created by using a butane extraction method. It’s very popular because of its potency. This cannabis concentrate is 99% THC. It is far stronger than any other cannabis product. To create this cannabis concentrate, you must demonstrate a thorough extractions process. The more care and attention you give this process, the higher quality diamond extracts you will end up with. THC diamonds look like small pieces of granulated sugar.

The Creation

There are several methods, each creating a different quality of the diamond. If you’re wanting to avoid using any solvents, then the simplest way is to heat the THC powder in the oven at 250 F until the powder melts. Once it cools it will become one chunk, and then you can break it into small pieces to use. This is a way to create it at home safely, but this is not going to be the same quality as purchasing from a dispensary like https://buzzedextracts.to/product/buzzed-extracts-hcfse-diamonds-various/.

How to use Them

The best way to consume diamond extract is to smoke, vape, or dab. You will not feel the same effects if you drink, or eat it. The THC has to be heated to a certain temperature to activate. If layering on in a bong rip, ensure you put the THC diamonds at the bottom. If the flame touches them first, they run the risk of being destroyed before they can be hot enough to consume.

Recommended Strains

The strains I’d recommend are Blue Dream, Cream N’ Tina, Death Bubba, Silver Haze, and Pink Kush. If you’re looking for one to try, pick one of these from Buzzed Extracts.

The Effects

Getting high from this cannabis concentrate is unlike any other high. It is not for a beginner either. Diamond extracts are pure THC. Something to keep in mind is that even top-shelf marijuana has 25% THC (and that isn’t overly common), whereas this form of cannabis concentrate is nearly 100% pure THC. This is not something you’re going to take a huge rip from. Slow and steady, as well as small and smart. Small dosage, and making smart decisions surrounding this. This is an intense high and should be taken seriously. Of course, it should be enjoyed as well, but ensure you’re in the right frame of mind, and ready for it.

The Cost

This form of cannabis concentrate is an expensive treat for most. However, you don’t smoke it as quickly as dried cannabis flowers. 1 gram runs for about $50. Keep in mind that you’re using a very small amount in a session, so 1 gram will likely go a long way for an experienced cannabis user. This is not a form of cannabis that is meant to smoke all day every day.

How this form is created, how to use it, what to buy, the effects and the cost are all key important points when purchasing.

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