Where to Buy Cannabis in Canada Online

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Now in its fourth year of legal recreational cannabis, Canada is fast becoming THE DESTINATION for green-minded locals and travellers. That said, given each of the nation’s 13 territories and provinces have their own set of rules (including how marijuana can be consumed and sold), knowing how to navigate Canada’s new cannabis culture means you’ll also need to do a little bit of homework.

With that in mind, to understand where you can buy cannabis in Canada, you’ll need an overview of how rules surrounding cannabis purchases apply in the nation.

How And Where Can I Buy Cannabis In Canada

Each territory and province in Canada has specific rules on places you can acquire cannabis. In nearly all these territories and provinces (except Nunavut), cannabis products are typically sold in government-run retail shops or approved private-run dispensaries. You’ll even come across a hybrid of the two in some places.

The most crucial detail to remember is that the only way to buy cannabis products is through one of these stores. They will usually have a seal on the window indicating that the Canadian government has approved them.

What About Online Ordering and Deliveries?

If the thought of going into a retail setting for cannabis overwhelms you, there are additional options you can exploit. The first is online ordering.

When you order from a reputable and authorized distributor like Buzzed Extracts, you’ll go through some checks such as proof of age verification (21+ in Quebec, 18+ in Alberta.) Once you’ve completed the verification step, Buzzed Extracts will allow you to place your order and make an online payment through their secured site that uses SSL encryption.

The company will then process your order, keenly package the product, and send it via postal mail like Canada Post to your home directly. Depending on the authorized dealer you acquire the product from, the shipment should take between 1 and 5 days. Some of these companies have locations across Canada, which helps them speed up their delivery process.

The other purchase option is delivery, which is available in Saskatchewan and Manitoba via Pineapple Express Delivery, a service that offers both business-to-consumer and business-to-business deliveries.

How Do Canada Post And Other Mail Carriers Ensure Cannabis Ordered Online Is Going To Someone Of Legal Age?

For all shipments of recreational cannabis from licensed sellers that Canada Post delivers or the buyer picks up at any of their postal outlets, proof of age will be mandatory. Note that each territory and province defines the required minimum age for recreational cannabis use.

What’s more? If the buyer looks younger than 25 years, trained delivery agents from Canada Post are also required to ask for an acceptable photo ID before giving the parcel to the person. This also implies they must record the signature and name of the receiver.




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