5 Reasons Why the Quality of Cannabis Matters

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Interactions and experiences with Cannabis tend to be different from one weed user to the next since people have different sweet spots. Some individuals prefer to feel the “high” in their minds, while others prefer the body “high.”

Despite the myriad of ways we can all describe a great “high,” one thing stands true for any cannabis user: weed quality significantly affects anyone’s weed experience. With that in mind, here are five reasons why the quality of Cannabis should matter to you as a user.

1. Personal Safety And Health

The first reason Cannabis became legal for recreational use was to protect the public’s health and keep marijuana consumers safe from any hazards. Before the products were decriminalized in Canada in 2018, people had to turn to black-market sources for their fixes.

Needless to say, the illicit weed industry lacked quality control, and cannabis dealers had no issues dumping bunk weed on unsuspecting buyers. Even worse, after decriminalization, you’ll need to ensure the weed you consume is lab-tested and doesn’t contain harmful substances that pose a risk to your health.

Health hazards commonly present on low-quality Cannabis include plant pests, pesticides, rot, mold, and even pests’ fecal matter. Bunk weed also has the same effect cigarettes have on your lungs and will tend to be rough on the throat.

2. The Weed’s Quality Affects Its Delivery Mode

Every cannabis enthusiast has a go-to delivery method, be it vape pens, bongs, joints, or even edibles. Whatever your preferred mode of delivery is, note that it may not work as expected with low-quality cannabis products.

A great example is THC vape juices with the wrong densities. They can not only produce low vapor quantity but can also clog vape mods and vape pens. Low-quality cannabis products can even cost you money and hamper your weed experience by ruining your weed delivery devices.

3. Dose Control

Cannabis users have wide-ranging tolerance levels and reactions to cannabis products. That’s why everyone is advised to ensure they exercise proper cannabis dosing and get high without crossing a threshold into unfavorable weed effects, such as paranoia and anxiety.

Taking that into account, note that black market and low-quality cannabis products improve your chances of investing in a non-LAB tested product that’ll cause you to surpass your tolerance levels unknowingly and exhibit undesirable behaviour.

Some paddlers have even been known to lace their low-quality cannabis products with chemicals during cultivation to increase their potency at lower levels.

4. Getting The Desired Effect

Recreational use of Cannabis involves the body’s senses, mainly taste and smell. What’s more? Marijuana’s musky aroma and flavour come from terpenes found in trichomes that have been stored in cannabis buds.

Investing in a high-quality cannabis bud with a high trichome density implies the bud will be tasty and bursting with aroma and musk. Low-quality Cannabis with a low trichome density, on the other hand, smells like hay or grass and is highly unappealing.

5. To Get Your Money’s Worth

The main visual characteristic of low-quality Cannabis is it contains more seeds and stems but fewer buds. After all, we’ve already established that the best weed experience comes from Cannabis products with more buds because THC (the compound responsible for the “high” effect) is present in these buds.

Cannabis stems and seeds, on the other hand, contain no THC and don’t get you high, which implies that low-quality weed with stems and seeds is only worth 50 percent of its weight.

To Conclude

The last thing anyone needs is their weed adventures in Canada turning into nightmare stays at a hospital. As such, while in the nation, always buy your weed from a licensed weed dispensary or specialist, such as Buzzed Extracts.

These establishments offer better high-quality cannabis products at affordable prices to award you the best of both worlds.


All views expressed here are from a third-party source and do not necessarily represent the entity of Buzzed Extracts itself. This blog post is intended to be used for informational purposes only.

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