What is Distillate Smoking Oil?

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The world of cannabis is a large and vast place. There are so many products on the market it’s hard to keep track of them all. How do you know which ones will work best for you and your needs?

The best way to do this is by educating yourself about what specific products are and what they do. 

One of the most popular products on the market is distillate smoking oil, also known as THC distillate or CBD distillate. If you’re curious about what distillate smoking oil is and its many uses, continue reading. 

What is Distillate Smoking Oil? 

One of the major reasons people love THC distillate is because it is the purest form of cannabis concentrate on the market. It’s also fast-acting, making it a terrific option for medical cannabis patients. 

Despite it being a pure and powerful concentrate, it has zero smell or flavor before adding terps – an added bonus for many cannabis users.

Distillate Smoking Oil has a runny consistency with a translucent appearance and zero undesirable waxes and compounds from the original plant. 

In layman’s terms, the cannabis concentrate is merely an extract from the plant that has been purified and processed. The process separates THC and CBD cannabinoids into precise amounts. It also winterizes, decarboxylates, and finally distills them.

Does it Produce a High? 

The simple answer to this question – yes. Due to THC distillate’s high potency, many users experience a strong high sensation.

Although, if you are using a CBD distillate, you will not feel any high sensations. CBD distillate is meant only for a cannabinoid’s therapeutic benefits.

Ways to Use Distillate Smoking Oil 

Distillate Smoking oil can be consumed in a variety of ways. That is part of the reason why this product is so popular.

THC distillate can be consumed on its own by utilizing a portable vaporizer or dab rig. Distillates also commonly come in vape cartridge form and can be used with a vape pen.

Some cannabis users will add their favorite distillate to a bowl of flower or roll to get a more intoxicating high. No matter which way you choose to smoke THC distillate oils, you will experience the sought-after entourage effect.

Distillates are also used for non-smoking purposes. THC distillates can also be added to baked edibles not only for their strong potency, but their lack of flavor or smell makes it more enjoyable for the consumer. 

Distillates can also be added to therapeutic-grade topical creams for medical cannabis patients. If you’d like to learn more about distillate smoking oil, contact our team today.

Where to Buy Distillate Smoking Oil

You can find distillate smoking oil right here on the Buzzed Extracts website.

We offer distillate smoking oil in two forms and a variety of strains. We sell both disposable vape pens and their proper 1ml distillate cartridges, as well as syringes that you can add to edibles or topicals.

If you’re unsure which strain will work for you or can’t decide which one you like best, check out our distillate variety packs. They come with several strains.

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