CO2 Oil, What’s the Big Deal? 

co2 honey oil

CO2 Honey Oil is becoming a serious contender among cannabis offerings in Canada, as some people find it has stronger concentration and potency.   

So, what exactly is CO2 Honey Oil?  It’s another variety of extract created by using carbon dioxide (thus, co2) instead of some other solvent.  Under high-pressure compression, it’s able to strip the essential oils of a cannabis plant in much the same way hydrocarbon solvents can. 

Those hydrocarbon solvents include butane and propane. In the US, the Federal Drug Administration has identified co2 as a safe agent for industrial extractions, making it a much less controversial solvent like the hydrocarbon solvents mentioned, which are petroleum-based. 

The use of co2 is a closed-loop process, meaning it does not disperse during extraction, and making it easy to purge from the final product.  CO2 oils are of varying consistencies, including shatter, crumble, honey (viscous in form), and oil. It can also be relatively high in THC, the chemical component that produces the euphoric effect enthusiasts seek, and also in CBD, the component having medicinal and therapeutic properties.  

Cannabis distillates can offer a smooth and clean flavor profile, and despite a slightly lower THC content of CO2 oils enthusiasts may experience more potent effects with them. The CO2 honey will come at a decent price point and can carry a wider array of cannabinoids and a flavor found to be more natural and broader in spectrum thus resembling the plant more.

CO2 extraction has been found to be a safe and effective way to make medical quality full-spectrum CBD oils and is favored among cannabis extraction methods commercially because of its safety, preference over hydrocarbon solvents, and cost-effectiveness. 

How does it come, you ask?  Well, it comes in cartridges that are easily replaceable, with refills readily available.  They are highly effective and cost-friendly, although as mentioned are less potent and more diverse than distillates.  

By comparison, well-processed distillates can have a THC content above 90%, while CO2 oils will fall into the 70% – 80% range.  However, as most enthusiasts know that will still help you achieve the desired euphoric effect, especially since it carries many other wonderful parts of the plant such as terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Where Can CO2 Honey Oils be Found in Canada?  

That’s an easy one.  Buzzed Extracts is a reliable source if you care to sample CO2 oils.  

Offering a CO2 Honey Oil Vape Cart of 10 – 1.0ml cartridges in a variety of flavors and strains, and a THC potency of 78%, your first introduction to CO2 honey oils can be had at a reasonable price and with quick delivery. 

Buzzed Extracts CO2 Honey OIls contain no fillers – no vitamin E, polyethylene glycol, or propylene glycol.  They are lab tested, and pure.

The CCell technology of the cartridges is specifically designed for high viscosity oils like CO2 Honey Oils, and refilling the cartridges is easy peasy. 

As with all cannabis products, and especially with high-potency ones like these, be sure to use them responsibly. 

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