The Sauce Makes The Meal – HTFSE In Canada


Meat is meat, and fish is fish, and almost all restaurants serve both.  High-quality meat or fish is available to every restaurant should they choose to stock them, as they all have access to the same purveyors.  Quality being equal, it will be the sauces a chef prepares for them that will distinguish one restaurant from another.

What does that have to do with weed, you might ask?  And specifically with one category of product in the weed industry?  The quality of “The Sauce” separates a decent product from a superior product in the same way.

That one specific category is HTFSE – High Terpene Full Spectrum Extraction.  Terpenes are a variety of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons occurring naturally in the essential oils of plants.  In this case, we’re talking about cannabis plants, but they also occur in citrus trees, pines, and other conifers (cone-bearing trees).  In cannabis plants, they appear naturally in high concentrations. 

In the past, natural folk medicine used terpenes as remedies for a variety of ailments.  This is because some terpenes have anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as serving as an antioxidant, an antiseptic, and a digestive aid.  

We’re more concerned here with terpene as it relates to The Sauce, a nickname for HTFSE.  In today’s market, it is one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate you can buy.

The Extraction Process

This sauce is made using very high-grade cannabis plant materials flash-frozen immediately at the time of harvest.  The extraction process uses a low boiling point solvent that preserves the natural terpenes and cannabinoids in the plant.  Then, low heat is then applied to recover the extracted material without degradation.

The result is a high terpene concentrate that is rich in cannabinoids, a reduction known as “The Sauce.”  Temperature and pressure control during the process preserves the terpene and cannabinoid ratio and the sauce’s potency.

That potency and purity translates into an intense cannabis experience, and thus its popularity among enthusiasts.  Terp sauces have had unwanted plant material, waxes and lipids removed, and thus their purity and desirability in the market today. 

If it’s done correctly, the sauce results can be in the range of 40-60% THCA level and 13% terpenes.  HTFSE can have some advantages over HCFSEs (high cannabinoid full spectrum extract) with that 40-60% THCA level because the high is not quite as high (HCFSEs can be twice the THCA level), and the terpene level may have more therapeutic effects, as old folk medicine doctors believed. 

While there is little research comparing the two, the reduced high level can be felt, and you may experience better digestion from the terpene presence when the munchies hit.  Terp sauce has joined the ranks of cannabis product offerings in a big way, evidencing the advancement of the industry to help enthusiasts who want as much from their experience as possible.  A decent high and a bit of therapeutic value are the results. 

For more information on The Sauce, HTFSE in Canada, and to check out products available for purchase, take a look at Buzzed Extracts.  You’ll find more useful data in our blog here.  

When it comes to both protein and terpenes, it’s the sauce that separates great from just good.

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