3 Tips for Using CO2 Honey Oil

co2 honey oil

CO2 is a shortened form of saying carbon dioxide. It is used as a solvent in making cannabis concentrates. CO2 is a naturally occurring compound. CO2 honey oil is one of many cannabis concentrates. It is created by extracting properties from a cannabis plant using carbon dioxide as a solvent.

How it Works:

CO2 extraction takes the essential oils out of the cannabis plant, and in return, creates a full spectrum extract. This becomes an incredibly high-quality cannabis concentrate. Honey oil carries its name because of its yellow-ish/honey coloring. Some call it CO2 Hash Oil.

The Appeal:

While even high-quality marijuana has around 20% THC, CO2 honey oil is a concentrate that carries at least 80%. Of course, it depends on the process followed to create it, along with the strain of cannabis used, but it can be even more than 80% as well. It gives a beautiful, intense, and aromatic high, requiring little dosage to achieve.

How it’s Used:

This type of cannabis concentrate is used by the method of dabbing, this is how a cannabis user would consume it. Dabbing is how to consume cannabis concentrates. Dabbing uses a rig, which is a bong-like instrument, but rather than a bowl for your cannabis, it has a nail made to withstand intense heat. A rig is made to be able to dab as safely and efficiently as possible.  Another way that is arguably more convenient is vaping, which heats the oil to a temperature that evaporates it and its inhaled…. wait, that reminds me, I need to hit mine….  That feels better :)

3 Tips for Using CO2 Honey :

Make sure you drink plenty of fluid, and that you have fluid right nearby. Dabbing is, while intense and enjoyable, also very harsh on the throat. Keeping hydrated, and drinking water while you dab can help stop that embarrassing cough that is sure to follow, especially if it’s your first time. Stay hydrated before, during, and after to ensure the best experience possible.

Ensure you are dosing correctly. If you are new to this method of cannabis consumption, make sure you start small. Using a small dose can help ensure that you can experience the ultimate high while remaining safe and aware. Always start small and build up from there. Never go into dabbing, even if you’re an experienced cannabis user, thinking to start big. Dose small and correctly for optimal effectiveness and to protect your safety as well.

Keep your dabber clean. Keep all your cannabis tools clean. If your dabber is dirty, your experience will be hindered definitely. Similar to if your bong isn’t clean, a dirty dabber creates a gross taste and smell. Clean it after every use.

Honey Oil Can Also Be Used in Oil for Vapes

Purchasing honey oil vape cartridges are a simple way to consume and enjoy. Our recommendation would be https://buzzedextracts.to/product/buzzed-extracts-co2-honey-oil-vape-cart-mix-10ml/ as they are exceptionally high quality along with a perfect THC level to give you that beautiful high.

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