Diamond Extracts 101

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Do not feel out of the loop if you’ve never heard of Diamond Extracts. In the last few years, this relatively new cannabis concentrate has been about as rare as its geological counterpart. THCA diamond extracts started making rounds in the realm of marijuana around 2017, and even then, only a handful of labs around the world were known to produce the super concentrates.

What’s more? THCA diamond extracts have up to 99.9 percent THC content, making them the most potent Cannabis concentrates on the marketplace.

With all that in mind, this article will break down everything you need to know about Diamond extracts, including what they are, how they’re made, and the best ways to consume them.

What Are THCA Diamond Extracts?

Cannabis diamond extracts are one of the many Cannabis concentrates you can vape or smoke. As their name suggests, diamond extracts appear as solid crystal-like structures that are semi-transparent and, well, look just like diamonds.

While concentrates like diamond extracts opened up a whole new realm of cannabis consumption, they’ve also been known to be quite daunting for new users. That’s mainly due to two main factors:

  1. THC diamonds have incredibly high THC content levels (typically above 95 percent. That is at least three times higher than the average weed most people consume
  2. Consuming diamond extracts (and most other Cannabis concentrates) involves a steep learning curve, particularly if you’re only used to dried flowers.

How THCA Diamond Extracts Are Made

For several years, the process of making THCA diamond extracts remained a highly guarded secret. As time passed, however, more information on the subject became available online. The first info to leak was that Diamond extracts are commonly isolated from live resin extracts. Resins are a kind of Cannabis concentrate known for their high terpene presence and potency.

While one can use any other cannabis concentrate to make THCA diamonds, live resin remains the most popular starting material.

Let’s start at the top.

As with all other concentrates, the process of making THCA diamonds begins with butane extraction to give an uncured live resin. At this point, the solution is also purged using heat to get rid of any residual solvents.

Subsequently, the uncured live resin is placed inside a container and left in a dark corner so the separation process can begin to take place. As the terpenes in the solution form a liquefied layer on top, cannabinoids crystals start forming at the bottom. That’s why this step of the process is also known as separation.

The separation step will take place over a two or three weeks period. The exact period will depend on how long it’ll take for a satisfactory amount of cannabinoid crystals to form. Once sufficient crystals have formed, it’s time for the final purge.

Before the last step begins, the extractors first separate the crystal layers from the liquid layer and purify them separately. This allows them to purge the crystal layer extensively and ensure a higher quality end-product.

After the last, second purge, the resulting THCA diamonds and terpene sauce are either recombined or packaged separately to be sold by licensed dispensaries like Buzzed Extracts.

How To consume Diamond Extracts

Like other Cannabis concentrates, you’ll need to heat diamond extracts to get high. You can either consume the concentrate by dabbing, vaping, or smoking. Note that you’ll need to invest in high-quality equipment if you’d like to maximize your diamond concentrate experience.

Also, feel free to add diamond extracts to your regular joints and smoke. All you’ll need to do is take a THCA diamond, crush it, and sprinkle it on your dried flower.



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